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Who we are
Well educated engineers, smart solutions
PLC Scada expert.centre
All engineers want to participate in smart projects and build intelligent solutions. That’s what we work and live for. If you want to cooperate with nice, collaborative colleagues like you, it’s time to contact us.

We are constantly monitoring your expertise, knowledge and experience and will listen and advise you as well to get as much gain as possible for the both of us. In the long run that will be the best for us too.
Choosing Teqlan
Everyone who works for Teqlan has an important role to play in the work that we do.

Employment opportunities are therefore designed to make the most of your skills and come with a range of benefits.
We are keen to recruit individuals who have the expertise, professionalism and passion to help us to deliver and maintain high standards in our industrial automation services. In return we offer rewarding opportunities and excellent benefits.

Teqlan pursues emphatically individual personal growth to create max added value for our company.